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The "Voice of Truth" broadcast preached by our late Pastor L. R. Shelton has been on the air since the 1950's. Since his death in 1971 we have continued to re-broacast these sermons as the Lord continues to use them as the means of awakening, saving and edifying sinners.

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1.The Fact of His Coming 292.God's Workmanship
2.The Surety of His Coming 293.THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES: The Jewish Sign
3.The Certainty of His Coming 294.THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES: The Gentile Sign
4.The Reality of His Coming 295.THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES: The Church Sign
5.The Consummation of the Ages 296."This Same Jesus"
6.The Manner of His Coming 297.The Lord Himself
7.Some Signs of His Coming 298.In the Twinkling of an Eye
8.The Rise of the Antichrist 299.That Blessed Hope
9.The Mark of the Beast 300.Three Chains that Bind the Sinner in Satan's Prison
10.The Doom of the Antichrist 301.The Misery of Sin
11.The Lordship of Christ 302.How the Cross of Christ Uncovers Man's Sin
12.God and Russia 303.How the Cross of Christ Uncovers God's Love
13.The Two World Camps 304.The Riches of God in Christ Jesus Our Lord
14.God Bringing Russia to Judgment 305.The Riches of God's Grace Bestowed
15.When God's Judgment Falls on Russia 306.THE TRAIL OF THE SERPENT: The Man-Murderer
16.God's Eternal Foundation for My Salvation 307.THE TRAIL OF THE SERPENT: The Race-Corrupter
17.The Eternal Covenant 308.THE TRAIL OF THE SERPENT: The World Destroyer
18.The Drama of the Ages 309.THE TRAIL OF THE SERPENT:
   The Covenant-Supplanter
19.My Portion in Christ 310.THE TRAIL OF THE SERPENT:
   Satan on the Trail of Blood
20.God's Sovereign Love 311.THE TRAIL OF THE SERPENT:
   The Blood Set Aside By Satan
21.The Bondage of the Sinner's Will 312.The Deep Significance of the Death of Christ
22.The Lost Sinner 313.THE WOOD LAID IN ORDER -
   The Incarnation of The Surety
23.Eternal Life 314.THE WOOD LAID IN ORDER - His Life and Ministry
24.The Personality of the Holy Spirit 315.THE WOOD LAID IN ORDER - His Right to Redeem
25.Holy Spirit Conviction 316.The Wonder of the New Birth
26.The Holy Spirit Indwelling the Believer 317.Conception Before the New Birth
27.The Sealing Work of the Holy Spirit 318.The Consequences of the New Birth
28.The Sinner's Concern for His Soul 319.Man in His Natural State is Totally Depraved
29.The Sinner's Knowledge of His Salvation 320.Man's Natural Degeneration
30.The Awakened Sinner 321.Man's Total Depravity and God's Redemption
31.The Sinner Facing the Truth 322.Man's Total Depravity and God's Salvation
32.The Sinner Loving the Truth 323.The Necessity of the New Birth
33.The Sinner Pleading His Case Before the Throne
   of God's Grace
324.God Giving Depraved Man a New Heart
34.The Meaning of Repentance 325.Repentance and Remission of Sin
35.Christ's Call to Repentance 326.Christ Preached Repentance
36.Repentance and Remission of Sins 327.Repent or Perish
37.Evidences of Saving Faith 328."One Thing Thou Lackest"
38.Why Salvation Is So Great 329.The Word of God Made Effectual in Salvation
39.The Awfulness of Sin and the Greatness
   of Salvation
330.Holy Spirit Conviction, God's Divine Expediency
   in Salvation
40.Salvation Great Because By Grace Alone 331.Salvation, An Inward Work of the Holy Spirit
41.The Preciousness of Christ in His Person 332.The Holy Spirit Leading the Sinner to Christ
42.The Preciousness of Christ As the Surety
   of the Covenant
333.The Simplicity in Christ - Part 1
43.The Preciousness of Christ As the Believer's Surety 334.The Simplicity in Christ - Part 2
44.The Preciousness of Christ As Our Lord 335.Election, the Foundation of God
45.Christmas, a Demon Holiday - Part 1 336.Election, the Basis of Grace
46.Christmas, a Demon Holiday - Part 2 337.The Truth of Election
47.Satan Himself 338.God's Sovereign, Elective Grace and Man's
48.Satan and the Bible 339.The Blood of the Covenant
49.Satan's Imitation Ministry 340.Jehovah-Jireh, The Lord Will Provide
50.Satan, the Chief Imitator 341.Blood on the Doorpost
51.Satan's Imitation of the Holy Spirit 342.The Sin Offering
52.Satan's Imitation of Faith 343.Blood on the Mercy Seat
53.The Grace of a Crucified Christ 344.The Fountain of Cleansing
54.God's Charge Against You 345.God's Way of Salvation
55.The Basis of Repentance 346.Behold the Lamb of God
56.Substitution 347.Salvation Comes by Revelation Only
57.What is Justification? 348.Christ, a Living Reality
58.Pardon, the Benefit of Justification 349.God's Divine Call
59.The Nature of Pardon 350.The Evidence of the Divine Call
60.The Sure Ground of Justification 351.The Lord Reigneth from the Tree
61.That Worthy Name 352.True and False Repentance
62.Christ's Lordship Recognized 353.The Incarnation of Christ BACK TO TOP
63.The Lost Doctrine of the Present-Day Church 354.Satan, the Great Adulterer
64.His Lordship Commands Repentance 355.The Voice of the Devil - Part 1
65.Christ Crucified 356.The Voice of the Devil - Part 2
66.The Spirit of Adoption 357.His Return is Imminent
67.The Devil's Family and Adoption 358.The Sinner's Salvation Depends Upon Christ's Return
68.What Christians Are by Nature and What They
   Are by Grace
359.Man Holding God in Contempt
69.The Cry of Adoption 360.Religious Profession
70.Carnal Man 361.Religious Professor
71.The Fearful Condition of Natural Man 362.God's Mourners
72.God's Picture of Natural Man 363.Reasons to Mourn
73.The Natural Man and God's Eternal Salvation 364.The Sacrifices of God - A Broken and Contrite Heart
74.How & When God Saved a Baptist Preacher- Part 1 365.The Sinner Mourning Apart
75.How & When God Saved a Baptist Preacher- Part 2 366.Contrast of the Whole Heart and the Broken Heart
76.How & When God Saved a Baptist Preacher- Part 3 367.The Antichrist in Prophecy
77.How & When God Saved a Baptist Preacher- Part 4 368.God Names the Antichrist
78.Regeneration 369.End of the Age
79.Twice-Born Men 370.The Man of Sin
80.Experimental Salvation 371.The Coming Gentile World Ruler
81.The Imperative Need of the New Birth 372.The Empty Tomb
82.God's Commission to His Messenger 373.The Open Grave
83.God's Way of Grace 374.The Birth and Character of the Antichrist
84.God's Way of Grace - Part 2 375.The Power of Christ Versus the Power of the Antichrist
85.The Offence of the Cross 376.Signs of the Antichrist
86.A Stumblingblock and Rock of Offence 377.Lying Wonders
87.A Guilty Sinner Justified 378.False Christ, or Antichrist Is the Pseudochrist
88.What the Church Has Lost 379.Time Running Out
89.Christ Rejected 380."Till There Was No Remedy"
90.Christ Victorious 381.The Assyrian
91.Christ More Than Conqueror 382.The Rise of the Antichrist Upon the World's Horizon
92.Christ and the Spoils of Victory 383.Turn or Burn
93.The Wedding Garment 384.Truth Versus Error
94.Christ Was Virgin Born 385.The Coming Victorious Christ
95.The Virgin Birth in Prophecy 386.Judgment upon Satan and the Antichrist
96.Christ Was Made 387.Breaking New Ground
97.A Virgin Conceived 388.Judgment upon a Christ-Rejecting World
98.The Sinner's Position Before God 389.The Way of Cain
99.The Holy Trinity and God's Redemption 390.From Cain to the Antichrist
100.The Believer Worshipping the Triune God 391.The Age of Paranoia
101.The Holy Trinity and the New Covenant 392.Satan's Mad Gamble
102.The Unchangeable God 393.The Doom of Satan's Man
103.Christ, Our Surety 394.The Uncondemning Christ - Part 1
104.God's Eternal Decrees Are Unchangeable 395.The Uncondemning Christ - Part 2
105.Walking with the Unchangeable God 396.The Uncondemning Christ - Part 3 
106.A Church Bound by Satan 397.Grace Abounding to Guilty Sinners
107.A Woman's Place in the Church 398.The Uncondemning Christ - Part 4
108.Pastoral Authority 399."Behold, He Prayeth"
109.Perversion of Authority 400.My Blessings for His Benefits
110.Separation or Compromise 401.My Prayer
111.Depths of Satan Cloaked Under the Deeper Life 402.My Prayer - Part 2
112.Christ the Finality 403.The Nature of Human Government
113.Christ All in All 404.The Foundation of Human Government
114.Baptism with the Holy Spirit 405.The Irrevocable Law of God
115.Baptism with Demon Spirits 406.God's Law Versus Man's Opinion
116.Being Filled with the Spirit 407.The God of the Bible or "In the Beginning God..."
117.The Effectual Call of God 408.The Sovereignty of God
118.The Divine Call 409.The Supremacy of God
119.God's Irresistible Call to Sinners 410.The Holiness of God
120.God's Elect Effectually Called 411.The Power of God
121.The Godhead of God 412. The Faithfulness of God
122.God's Eternal Purpose in Election 413.The Mercy of a Sovereign God
123.God's Election Versus Human Reason 414.The God of All Grace
124.Contrast Between the Sins of God's Elect
   and the Reprobate
415.The Effectual Call of the God of the Bible
125.God's Sovereignty 416.The Love of God
126.God's Purpose or Counsel in Reprobation 417.The Wrath of God BACK TO TOP
127.God Reprobating a Sinner 418.The Day of Doom
128.Christ Seeking, Finding, and Saving His Sheep 419.The Love and Wrath of Christ
129.Christ in the Midst of the Churches 420.The Wrath of God on Unbelievers
130.The Majesty of Our Lord 421.Seeking a Bride for Christ
131.Christ and the Churches 422.The Lord Jesus Glorified in His Saints at His
   Second Coming
132.The Fallen Church 423.No Compromise,
   or Deliverance by Blood and by Power
133.The Persecuted Church 424.Christ Opening the Prison Doors
134.The Compromising Church 425.Jesus Binds Up the Brokenhearted
135.The Liberal Church 426.Hell, a Living Reality
136.The Dead Church 427.When a Rich Man Went to Hell,
   and a Beggar Went to Heaven
137.The Favored Church 428.The Grace of Giving
138.The Lost Church 429.The Law of God
139.God's Promises to His Saint 430.God's Truth and Satan's Lie
140.God's Promises Made Real 431.The Just Shall Live by Faith
141.Satan, A Living Personality 432.Worshipping by Faith
142.The Sinner, A Prisoner of Satan 433.Walking by Faith
143.Satan and His Work 434.Serving by Faith
144.Satan's Hatred of the Lord Jesus Christ 435.Satan the Imitator
145.The Sinner Abhorring Himself 436.False Faith
146.The Necessity of Repentance 437.Another Gospel
147.The Broken Heart 438.A Call To Repentance
148.The Foundation of Faith 439.The Inhabitants of Heaven
149.The Object of Faith 440.The Riches of Heaven
150.Living Faith 441.To Die Is Gain
151.The Tragedy of Unbelief 442.The Greatest Joy of Heaven
152.Saving Faith 443.The Inhabitants of Hell
153.Conquering Faith 444.Some Facts about Hell
154.Saving Faith Illustrated 445.My Beloved in His Peculiar Love for His Elect
155.Unbelief, the Opposite of Faith 446.Christ and Election
156.What Is Calvinism? 447.Means to Salvation Included in God's Election
157.Calvinism Abases Man 448.Evidences of Election
158.Calvinism Exalts God 449.The Depraved Sinner in the Market for Salvation
159.Calvinism Honors Christ's Death 450.The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
160.Calvinism Recognizes the Power of the Holy Ghost 451.God's Effectual Call
161.Calvinism Magnifies the Grace of God 452.My Beloved
162.Calvinism Gives Fire and Enthusiasm to
   True Evangelism
453.My Beloved Is the Great "I Am"
163.Man's Responsibility 454.Meet My Beloved in the Garden
164.If I Believed as You Do, I Would Lose All My
   Zeal for Missions
455.Meet My Beloved at Calvary
165.The Basic Truths of God's Word 456.My Beloved in the Resurrection
166.Election and the Saint 457.My Beloved Going Home
167.General Invitation - Particular Redemption 458.My Beloved on His Way Home
168.The Lordship of Christ, the Basis of Service 459.Total Depravity and the Necessity of the New Birth
169.The Lordship of Christ and the Sinner's Salvation 460.The Sinner Being Damned
170.The Lord, A Living Reality 461.The Reality of Hell
171.Experimental Salvation 462.Marks of the Antichrist
172.The Sinner Turning to Christ 463.Mourning Which Leads to Repentance
173.Oh Sinner, Why Die? 464.The Lost Doctrine in Present-Day Preaching
174.Good Tidings to the Guilty 465.The Resurrection
175.Christ Healing the Brokenhearted 466.The Holy Spirit Reproving
176.How Christ Heals the Brokenhearted 467.The Holy Spirit in You
177.The Gospel Applied 468.The Holy Spirit Taking Possession of the Believer
178.The Family That Prays Together Stays Together 469.THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST
Lesson 1 - Introduction
179.The Sinners' Parade 470.Lesson 2 - The Salutation BACK TO TOP
180.The Way of Holiness 471.Lesson 3 - The Glorified Christ
181.Godly Conversation 472.Lesson 4 - The Seven Churches of Asia
182.Man, the Head of the Home 473.Lesson 5 - The Church that Deserted Christ
183.The Wife, the Queen of the Home 474.Lesson 6 - The Church in Tribulation
184.Children, an Heritage from the Lord 475.Lesson 7- Pergamos, The Church Married to the World
185.The Family Altar, or Family Worship 476.Lesson 8 -The Church in Thyatira - The Depths
   of Satan
186.The Home and Marriage 477.Lesson 9 - Sardis, The Dead Church
187.The Home, the Bible, and Divorce 478.Lesson 10 - Philadelphia, The Favored Church
188.The Thirsting Sinner 479.Lesson 11 - Laodicea, The Christless Church
189.God's Mercy Under His Sovereign Will 480.Lesson 12 - Christ's Promises to the Overcomer
190.An Old-Fashioned Conversion 481.Lesson 13 - Christ's Promises to the Overcomer (Continued)
191.The Salvation of Lydia 482.Lesson 14 - The Downgrade
192.A Strange Conversion 483.Lesson 15 - "Behold, the Bridegroom Cometh"
193.The Need of a Revival 484.Lesson 16 - The End of the Earthly Life of God's Elect
194.The Sin of Covetousness 485.Lesson 17 - A Throne Set in Heaven
195.The Sin of Rebellion 486.Lesson 18 - The Living Ones
196.The Sin of Idolatry 487.Lesson 19 - The Year of Redemption
197.True and False Worship 488.Lesson 20 - The Opening of the First Seal - The Revelation of the Antichrist
198.The World's Saturday Night 489.Lesson 21 - The Opening of the Second Seal -
  The Fiery Red Horse
199.The Dark Cloud and God's Rainbow 490.Lesson 22 - The Opening of the Third Seal -
  The Black Horse, Famine
200.A Voice Crying in the Wilderness 491.Lesson 23 - The Opening of the Fourth Seal -
  Death Riding Forth
201.Religiously Lost 492.Lesson 24 - The Opening of the Fifth Seal -
  The Martyred Saints
202.Religious - But Lost 493.Lesson 25 - The Opening of the Sixth Seal -
  The World's Greatest Prayer Meeting
203.Experimental Salvation 494.Lesson 26 - The Rainbow of Mercy across the Clouds
  of Judgment
204.Obstacles to a Heaven-Sent Revival 495.Lesson 27 - Brands Plucked Out of the Burning
205.Apostolic Missions, or Go and Tell the Story 496.Lesson 28 - The Opening of the Seventh Seal -
  Silence in Heaven
206.Travailing for Souls 497."Let My People Go"
207.Seeking the Lost with Christ 498.Lesson 30 - God Breaking the Dominion of Sin
208.A Saint's Helplessness to Win the Lost 499.Lesson 31 - God Granting the Sinner's Desires
209."Lord, Teach Us to Pray" 500.Lesson 32 - Hell on Earth
   Wisdom - Knowledge
501.Lesson 33 - Hell Invading the Earth
211.GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT: Faith - Healing 502.Lesson 34 - Christ Laying Claim to His Possession
   Miracles - Prophecy - Discernment
503.Lesson 35 - God's Last Prophets
   The Gift of Languages
504.Lesson 36 - The Kingdoms of This World Are
   Become the Kingdoms of Our Lord
   Speaking in Tongues
505.Lesson 37 - God's Reckoning Day
215.Jesus Proclaims Liberty to the Captives 506.Lesson 38 - God's Great Sign Language
216.Our Freedom in Christ 507.Lesson 39 - The Great Red Dragon - Satan Himself
217.The Great World Prison 508.Lesson 40 - Satanic Sovereignty
218.The Sinner God Does Not Set Free 509.Lesson 41 - The Lord Jesus Christ Closing in on Satan
219.The Danger of Trifling with Holy Spirit Conviction 510.Lesson 42 - Carried on Eagle's Wings
220.The Importance of Divine Knowledge 511.Lesson 43 - The Beast Out of the Abyss
221.Repentance 512.Lesson 44 - God's Elective Grace
222.What Christ Means to Me As My Shepherd 513.Lesson 45 - God's Elective Grace (Continued)
223.What Christ Means To Me As My Righteousness 514.Lesson 46 - Satan's Last "Great Society"
224.What Christ Means To Me As My Authority 515.Lesson 47 - God's Elect Come Through
225.What Christ Means To Me As My Hiding Place 516.Lesson 48 - When God Has No Man to Preach
226.Man's Recognition of God's Ownership 517.Lesson 49 - The Harvests of Hell
227.God's Ownership and Man's Covetousness 518.Lesson 50 - The Third Great Sign in Heaven
228.Jonah Fleeing from the Presence of God 519.Lesson 51 - The Wrath of God Without Mercy
229.Salvation Is of the Lord 520.Lesson 52 - Christ Reaping the Harvest
230.God's Message to a Sinful People 521.Lesson 53 - The Grape Harvest
231.Distinguishing Characteristics of False Prophets 522.Lesson 54 - "It Is Done"
232.Marks of False Prophets 523.Lesson 55 - The Harlot Wife of the Antichrist
   Those Who Will Not Come to Christ
524.Lesson 56 - God Executes the Harlot Wife of
   the Antichrist
   Those Who Will Not Repent

Lesson 57 - And the Lord Came Down
   Those Who Resist the Holy Spirit
526.Lesson 58 - The World's New Religion 
236.The Believer's Song of Assurance 527.Lesson 59 - Great Babylon Came in Remembrance
  Before God
237.What a Lost Soul Discovered One Minute After
   Death in Hell
528.Lesson 60 - Amen: Hallelujah
238.God's Description of Hell 529.Lesson 61 - The Marriage of the Lamb
239.When a Deacon Went to Hell and a Thief Went
   to Heaven
530.Lesson 62 - The Mighty Conqueror
240.When a Preacher Went to Hell and a Harlot Went
   to Heaven
531.Lesson 63 - The Battle of Armageddon
241.When Man Committed Deicide 532.Lesson 64 - The Imprisonment of Satan
242.Revenge and What it Cost 533.Lesson 65 - Christ's Earthly Rule
243.The Sinner Revenging Himself 534.Lesson 66 - The First Resurrection
244.The Reality of Demons 535.Lesson 67 - Christ's Great Society Under His
   Earthly Reign
245.The Manifestation of Demons 536.Lesson 68 - Deliverance from the Curse
246.Christ and the Holy Spirit 537.Lesson 69 - God's Sovereignty Forever Established
247.The Doctrine of Demons Versus Blood Redemption 538.Lesson 70 - God's Character Forever Vindicated
248.The Triumph of the Gospel 539.Lesson 71 - God's Power Forever Displayed
249.The World Dying for Love 540.Lesson 72 - "Behold, I Make All Things New"
250.God's Imperative 541.Lesson 73 - The Tabernacle of God With Men
251.God's Eternal Must 542.Lesson 74 - The City Not Made With Hands
252.The Temple of God 543.Lesson 75 - Paradise Regained
253.Some Marks of God's Despised Few 544.Lesson 76 - The Certified Proclamation
254.The Mystery of the Foundation of the Church 545.Lesson 77 - Alpha and Omega, God's Last Message
255.Calvary's Call to the Sinner 546.Lesson 78 - "Even So, Come, Lord Jesus, Come"
256.The Wonder of the Mystery of the Church 547.BOOK OF ROMANS: Lesson 1 - Outline
257.The Mystery of the Glory of the Church 548. Lesson 2 - Introduction
258.The Mystery of the Hope of the Church 549.Lesson 3 - The Gospel of God
259.Christ Bound That the Sinner Might Be Free 550.Lesson 4 - The Righteousness of God
260.The Blindfolded Christ 551.Lesson 5 - Righteousness of God Revealed from Faith
   to Faith
261.The Unclothed Christ 552.Lesson 6 - The Wrath of God Revealed from Heaven
262.The Forsaken Christ 553.Lesson 7 - Cause of God's Wrath
263.Christ or Hell - Which? 554.Lesson 8 - The Great Exchange
264.Deliverance From Satan's Clutches 555.Lesson 9 - God's Supreme Court
265.God Bringing the Sinner to Repentance 556.Lesson 10 - True Riches
266.God's Sin-Offering for Sinners 557.Lesson 11 - The Bank of Heaven
267.A Pardoned Sinner 558.Lesson 12 - The Righteous Judgment of God
268.Salvation by Blood and by Power 559.Lesson 13 - Possessors or Professors?
269.The Sinner Running from God 560.Lesson 14 - The Advantage and Privilege of Revelation
270.The Sinner Trifling with His Soul 561.Lesson 15 - Man's Objection to Revelation
271.The Sinner's Flight from Reality 562.Lesson 16 - God's Method of Grace
272.My Religious Life Before God Saved Me 563.Lesson 17 - Evidence of Man's Depravity
273.My Standing Before God in Christ 564.Lesson 18 - The Purpose of the Law
274.Playing Church 565.Lesson 19 - Imputed Righteousness "By Faith of
   Jesus Christ"
275.Doctrinitis 566.Lesson 20 - "Justified Freely"
276.Christ Plumbing the Depths 567.Lesson 21 - Redemption
277.Satan's Trump Card 568.Lesson 22 - "What Abraham Hath Found"
278.How Sin Entered the World 569.Lesson 23 - The Testimony of David
279.The Awful Nature of Sin 570.Lesson 24 - Level Ground at the Cross
280.Sin's Total Wreckage 571.Lesson 25 - The Sinner's Release from the Law
281.The Passions of Sin 572.Lesson 26 - "The Same Yesterday, Today and Forever"
282.Cain and Abel or Life and Death 573.Lesson 27 - Justifying Faith
283.Satan's Last Great Society 574.Lesson 28 - The Sinner's Confessional
284.The Last Good-Bye 575.Lesson 29 - "Peace with God"
285.In a World of Violence, My Hope Is in Christ 576.Lesson 30 - Access Into Grace
286.In a World of Violence, Noah Found Grace 577.Lesson 31 - Holy Gratitude
287.In a World of Strange Flesh, Noah Walked
   With God
578.Lesson 32 - Experimental Salvation
288.In a World of Corruption, Noah Walked with God 579.Lesson 33 - Blessed Hope
289.Slander 580.Lesson 34 - What a Sinner Man Is
290.Slander, the Fruit of Rebellion 581.Lesson 35 - The Love of God
291.Slander, Satan's Masterpiece
582.Lesson 36 - Reconciliation and Sanctification

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