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In print for over 55 years!  

Radio Missions/The Old Puritan Press publishes the Voice of Truth magazine quarterly. It contains a letter from our Pastor, Albert Pendarvis, editorials by our founding pastor L. R. Shelton, Sr., articles by Christian "old divines" as we call them (early Baptists and Puritans), Bible prophecy by Dr. A. R. Copeland, poems, children's story hour, news, fellowship photos, radio station logs and more for a minimal charge of $3.00 per year.


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Prayer is the soul's breathing itself into the bosom of
its heavenly Father. – Thomas Watson
Men are always quarreling with God
because He will not submit
His will to their dictation.

If God's today be too soon
for your repentance,
your tomorrow may be too late
for His acceptance!

True Repentance

The remorse of the evangelical penitent is a sorrowful remorse, a deep contrition of heart, not so much for the punishment to which he has exposed himself, as for the indignity he has done to a holy, a gracious, and a merciful God... Trusting that the spotless Lamb of God was pierced for his iniquities, the true penitent mourns, not so much for himself as for Him. And so real, so deep is his penitential sorrow that though there were no conscience to accuse, no judge to condemn, no devil to affright, no Hell to torment, yet he would mourn and be in bitterness for having offended that God who has loved him, pierced that Saviour who died for him, and grieved that Spirit who sanctifies and comforts him.
— John Colquhoun

Faith makes giants look like grasshoppers,
and unbelief makes grasshoppers look like the Anakim.

Unbelief looks at the difficulty, and faith looks at God.

Unbelief is just pushing away    
  the hand that comes to offer us gifts.

The Happy Debtor  

Ten thousand talents once I owed, And nothing had to pay;
But Jesus freed me from the load, and washed my debt away.

Yet since the Lord forgave my sin, and blotted out my score,
Much more indebted I have been, than e'er I was before.

My guilt is cancelled quite I know, and satisfaction, made;
But the vast debt of love I owe can never be repaid.

The love I owe for sin forgiven, for power to believe,
For present peace and promised heaven, no angel can conceive.

That love of Thine, Thou sinner's Friend! Witness Thy bleeding heart!
My little all can ne'er extend to pay a thousandth part.

Nay more, the poor returns I make I first from Thee obtain;
And 'tis of grace that Thou wilt take such poor returns again.

'Tis well – it shall my glory be (Let who will boast their store)
In time and to eternity, to owe Thee more and more.

–John Newton

Taken from the Voice of Truth - Christian magazine.


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