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 Radio Bible & Book Room

Scripturally Sound Christian Books at low, discount prices!

The Radio Bible and Book Room is a non-profit ministry of the
First Baptist Church, Algiers, in connection with Radio Missions.

The bookstore ministry was begun in the early days of our church history as a means of helping our families obtain sound, scriptural Christian books at deeply discounted prices. We offer to the public over 1500 titles of early Baptist, Puritan and Reformed works, including many commentaries, sermons and devotionals that we trust will instruct you in sound doctrine and be profitable to you in your "growth in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ." The book store also stocks a large selection of books for "youth and family" along with a variety of King James Study Bibles, in regular, large or giant print.

READ OUR "hand-out"
sheet on Bible Versions

We believe God's Word is inerrant,
absolute, eternal, unbroken,
verbally inspired and  that  the
Authorized King James Version
(KJV) is the most faithful English
translation of the original Hebrew
and Greek of the New Testament.

Read J.C. Philpot on
"The Merits of the
Authorized Version.



Our catalog is available as a searchable pdf file with bookmarks and linked table
of contents for easy navagating. An order form can be found at the back of the
catalog. Browse the cataloge online, save or print it for your convnience.
Please check back quarterly to obtain the latest copy as our stock changes.

can be found at the
back of the catalog.

Our Bibles and books are
greatly discounted to give you
the best possible savings.
Please note that prices
and availibility may vary.
Feel free to contact us to
check availability and price
changes before ordering.
  9559 Florida Blvd.
  Walker, LA
PHONE: 225-664-8658
FAX: 225-664-2588

  P. O. Box 1810
  Walker, LA 70785-1810
M-F = 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

SAT = 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


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