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First Baptist Church of Algiers,
Radio Missions 

Founded in 1927  



    RADIO MISSIONS is the 80-year-old work of First Baptist Church, Algiers, which originated on the West Bank of New Orleans, Louisiana. Since August of 2005 it has been located in Walker, LA. after Hurricane Katrina caused much damage to the facilities in New Orleans. Our Pastor is Bro. Albert Pendarvis who was awakened to his lost condition in the early days of this ministry, saved and called by God to preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord is blessing his preaching and labours in this work as he "earnestly contends for the faith that was once delivered unto the saints." Services are held at 9559 Florida Blvd, Walker, LA every Sunday and Wednesday night.

Bro. Pendarvis is the fourth Pastor to shepherd the work since the founder, L. R. Shelton, Sr., passed away in 1971. Pastors Gueho, Messer, and Cowles succeeded Bro. Shelton in turn and all have since followed him on to glory. Each man was led of the Holy Spirit to continue Bro. Shelton's awakening ministry by publishing his Sermons and airing his messages around the nation over the "Voice of Truth" and "Trailblazer" broadcasts.

THE EARLY YEARS  –  When Pastor Shelton came to the Baptist Bible Institute in New Orleans in 1925, First Baptist Church, Algiers, was a small mission church located in a section of Louisiana where thousands had never even seen a copy of God's Word or heard a Gospel message. When he saw the spiritual need, his heart yearned to tell the story of Redemption through the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. He took the pastorate here in 1927 and began to devote all his time and energy to evangelizing southeast Louisiana. However, the rationing of tires and gasoline during World War II put an end to this extensive mission work, leaving the radio as the only means of reaching the people with the Truth.

On January 10, 1943, Pastor Shelton opened the first radio broadcast, which was a 15-minute weekly program, and began preaching, as he said, "God's Word as it is, to men as they are." It was a small beginning; today we air the "Voice of Truth" and "Trailblazer" broadcasts over more than 60 radio stations in addition to the local, live broadcasts of the "Bible School of the Air" (Bro. Freddie Murdock, Jr.) and the "Worship Hour" (Pastor Pendarvis). All of our services can be heard over the internet and are available on cassette, CD or revolving tape plan.

THE OLD PURITAN PRESS  –  Since 1950 we have been printing and distributing Pastor Shelton's Sermons in booklet form, and we currently have over 300 titles available for free distribution simply for the asking. Our "Voice of Truth Magazine" was published monthly for many years and sent out to a large mailing list world-wide. Hurricane Katrina brought our printing to a halt for a while but the magazine is, once again, going out, although on less frequent schedule. We have a lot of our printed material available on line here on our website.

The RADIO BIBLE & BOOK ROOM  was begun back in the 1950's as a means of helping our families build personal libraries of sound, scriptural Christian books at affordable prices. Today the Book Room offers a large selection of early Baptist, Puritan and Reformed works that have stood the test of the centuries. You can browse our complete catalog online, save or print it from a PDF file or request a copy to be mailed to you.

MISSION PLACES  –  Through the years as the message of Redemption has gone out into other cities, the friends and families of this ministry began meeting together to hear the tape recorded messages as a means of worship. These groups began to form missions, all of which were begun in homes. Some still hear the messages in their homes and some have now obtained chapels or meeting houses. We have missions located in Jackson, Hattiesburg and Picayune, MS; Mobile, AL; and San Benito, TX. Check our Schedule of Services.

FELLOWSHIP DAY  –  The last Sunday in April and October of each year we have our Fellowship Days. Our mission people, tape families and friends come in from across the United States as we gather together to rejoice in the Lord and intercede for the lost. Some plan their vacation time so that they may be here for the preceding nightly services. What a blessed time we have as the Lord bestows the mercies of His abundant grace upon us.

Pastor Pendarvis would love to hear from you or have you stop by to visit! Let us know how the Lord is working in your heart and life. It is our sincere desire that the Holy Spirit will use the material presented on this site to awaken sinners to their lost condition and cause them to "seek the Lord while He may be found" and to edify and refresh the souls of the saints as they pass this way on their pilgrim journey. May the Lord's richest blessings rest upon you.



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