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Bible Versions Reviewed

Revised Standard Version (RSV)
In "The Anti-Christ Bible", Bro. Shelton reviews the RSV, produced by the National Council of the Churches of Christ and Thomas Nelson Publishers. He shows how it leaves out the blood in Col. 1:14. The word "begotten" is left out of John 3:16, leaving the impression that He was not virgin born. They took out Jehovah and Calvary, etc. The revision committee members openly denied the virgin birth and the deity of Christ.

New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)
A revision of the RSV with "Roman Catholic scholars" and women added to the revision committee, Language became "inclusive", "removing all masculine language referring to human beings apart from texts that clearly referred to men." Also, "translating some direct speech as indirect speech in order to use inclusive language." Their goal was to eliminate all masculine references to the "Deity", but were not able to do so in this edition. (Quotes from Metzger's "The Making of the NRSV")

New American Standard
Questions deity of Christ and virgin birth (gives five variant readings for "a virgin shall conceive.") Uses Westcott/Hort and displays apocryphal books interspersed throughout the inspired text.

New International Version
Based on Westcott/Hort. Perverts texts, leaves out the blood; denies Hell; leaves out many Scriptures; vulgar language, especially Eze. 23.

American Standard Version
The American version of the English "Revised Version" put out by Westcott/Hort.

New King James Version
Corrupted with readings from the RSV and the NASV. Addresses God as "you". Over 100,000 translation changes. Examples: Col. 1:14 notes "NU omits 'through his blood'." John 3:15 notes "NU omits 'not perish'." John 6:47 notes "NU omits 'in me'." Rev. 1:8 notes, "NU omits 'Beginning and the Ending'."

New Scofield Reference Bible
Corrupted with readings from the RSV & NASV. Many word changes which cloud the meanings. (Compare Gen. 49:6 for translation change: KJV, "digged down wall." NSRB: "hamstrung oxen.") Claims to be "The King James Version text, with word changes to help the reader..." Says "incorrect translation has been clarified." Dead Sea Scrolls also used. Frank E. Gaebelein & John Walvoord on editorial committee. The footnotes for Acts 8:12 reads, "Baptism has, since the apostolic age, been practiced by every major group in the Christian church and, in Protestant communions, is recognized as one of two sacraments - the other being the Lord's supper" - a Catholic view of "sacrament."

Song of Solomon humanized. The old Scofield says it's primarily about Christ and the Bride. NSRB rewords introduction and places different headings throughout with Solomon and the Shulamite speaking to each other - distracting from the spirituality of text.

The Living Bible
Example: translates I Kings 18:27 as "Perhaps he is talking to someone or else is out sitting on the toilet." And Zech. 13:6 as "And if someone asks them, what are these scars on your chest and your back, you will say, I got into a brawl at the home of a friend." Enough said.

New Life Version
"The special controlled vocabulary Bible; basic vocabulary of 850 words and simplification of difficult Biblical terms." Speaks for itself.

New Century Version
Developed by using an existing translation specifically prepared for the deaf, which has a limited vocabulary, then making a new rendition based on modern Greek New Testaments.

New Jerusalem Bible - "The official English-language text used in Catholic liturgies throughout the world."

New American Bible - First American Catholic Bible

New Living Translation (Spiritual Renewal Bible)
An "improved" Living Bible. Isa. 7:14, "young woman."

New World Translation
Jehovah's Witnesses' Bible Re-written to suit their doctrines - whole books and chapters left out.

Douay Version - Catholic Bible.

The Common Bible - "An edition of the RSV which has apocryphal books placed between the Old and New Testaments" (Metzger).

The Oxford Annotated Bible
"A study edition of the RSV which added 3 and 4 Maccabees and Psalm 151 to the Apocrypha (three items that belong to the liturgical tradition of the Eastern Orthodox Church), a step which prepared the NRSV to be fully ecumenical both in content and preparation" (Metzger).

Today's English Version (Good News Bible)
"Everyday English." Isa. 7:14, "young woman." Eze. 23 vulgar.


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