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Bible Styles and Publishers

The Dake Annotated Reference Bible - KJV:
Dake was Pentecostal; received a "great anointing of the Spirit when a cool and rushing wind came over me." His notes reflect his Pentecostal viewpoint.

Rotherham Emphasized Bible: Follows Ginsberg, Westcott and Hort.

Child's First Gift Bible - KJV: Pictures of Jesus.

Precious Moments Bible: Based on New Life Version; pictures/drawings of Jesus and Precious Moments characters.

The Word - The Bible in 26 Translations: Error all in one.

Nelson Study Bible - NKJV: "Complete equivalence in translation." Modernistic commentary.

The Word in Life Study Bible - NKJV:
"User-friendly." Vulgarizes Song of Solomon with "two lovers who fawn over each other." "Sex was God's idea." "It is possible this couple formed an interracial marriage." Appeals to the flesh. Also, undercuts deity of Christ in I Tim. 3:16 with notes "ND-text reads 'who.'" That's the Nestle-United Greek Text formed from Westcott/Hort.

Life Application Study Bibles - KJV, NIV, NRSV, etc.:
Developed by interdenominational team of pastors, scholars, and family counselors; Youth for Christ/USA helped prepare notes and Bible helps. Received counsel from Taylor of the Living Bible. Vulgar notes on Song of Solomon; no spirituality; modern commentary. Isa. 7:14, "young woman" (NRSV).

Kids Application Bible/The Living Bible:
"User friendly;" cartoons; "Song of Solomon is about love, sex, and marriage." Modern commentary.

Life Application Bible for Students - NKJV:
"User friendly." Song of Solomon: "love, sex and marriage are celebrated." No spirituality. Modern commentary.

The Teen Study Bible - NIV: Jokes, cartoons.

Women's Devotional Bible - KJV:
Carries devotions from Mother Theresa, Gloria Gothan, etc.; recommended by Kathie Lee Gifford.

The New Open Bible - KJV: "Equivalent translation." Gives steps to conversion: "easy believism."

The Simple Truth New Life Version:
The special controlled vocabulary Bible; basic vocabulary of 850 words. Speaks for itself.

The Experiencing God Study Bible - NKJV:
Humanizes Song of Solomon; modern commentary. Asks "are you willing to adjust to God?" Undercuts deity of Christ in I Tim. 3:16.

The Layman's Parallel Bible: Includes KJV, NIV; LB (LIVING), NRSV.

Evangelical Study Bible - KJV:
Carries marginal notes from the Living Bible; presents various viewpoints on doctrines and asks us not to judge other's points of view. Bruce and Packer were contributors.

Dickson New Analytical Study Bibl - KJV:
"With additions in many instances of the more correct renderings of the ASV."

The New Jerusalem Bible:
"The official English-language text used in Catholic liturgies throughout the world." Includes apocrypha.

The Companion Bible - KJV: Used Westcott and Hort.

Rice Edition - KJV: By John R. Rice. Simplistic salvation; no mourning over sins required, etc.

The Oxford Study Bible, Revised English Version:
'With the, apocrypha. Isa. 7:14, "young woman." Eze: 23 vulgar.

The Oxford Companion to the Bible: Explains away the virgin birth of Christ as "tradition."

The Everyday Study Bible, New Century Version:
Denies, deity of Christ and His virgin birth; vulgar language.

The Believers Study Bible - NKJV:
W. A. Criswell, editor, with articles by MacArthur (denies eternal Sonship of Christ), and Adrian Rogers and Jerry Vines, modern Baptists.

The Inspirational Study Bible - NKJV:
By Max Lucado. Song of Solomon humanized as "A love poem that chronicles the passion between star struck Solomon and his spellbound bride."- no spirituality. Modernistic commentary.

The Wesley Bible - NKJV: Wesleyan interpretation; presents Wesley's views on election as "God elects those who accept his offer of salvation."

The New Scofield Study Bible - New American Standard:
An example: questions deity of Christ in I Tim. 3:16: "He who was revealed" with notes that "some later MSS reads 'God'." New Scofield changes combined with the NAS.

Darby Translation: Leaves out the blood in Col. 1:14; questions deity of Christ in I Tim. 3:16, etc.

African Heritage Study Bible:
"Approaches Scripture and Biblical history from a black, African point-of-view. Major theses is that "Ham" did not carry his curse with him to the black people of Africa nor was this curse carried on through to the black race as we know it today (Gen. 9, 10). The Genesis text says nothing about Ham being black... but simply says his descendants would be slaves. Footnotes and commentary footnotes deal mainly and, almost exclusively with black/African culture, African history and the Bible." -copied from World Publishers flier.

The New Improved Hertel Blue Ribbon Edition Bible:
Includes F. F. Bruce's article on "The Early Manuscripts of the Bible" wherein he approves the Sinaiticus and Vaticanus MSS. Stuart B. Babbage gives a glowing review of the new translations.


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